Use of RNA inhibitors based on IL-14 and antibodies to IL-14 for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and lymphomas

Autoimmune disorders and B cell derived lymphomas cause life-long suffering or premature death. Often the treatment for these diseases is symptomatic at best with severe side effects. An effective new treatment would be life saving for those patie nts. The cytokine interleukin-14 (IL-14) also known as high molecular weight B-cell growth factor (HMW-BCGF) plays an important role in both inflammation and B-cell memory formation. Recent research, including work with transgenic animals, highligh ts a potentially critical role for IL-14a in autoimmunity and B-cell lymphomas. University at Buffalo researchers led by Dr. Ambrus, the discoverer of IL-14, have developed monoclonal antibodies and antisense RNA to disrupt IL-14 signaling and provi de new hope for these patients.

Categories: Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Vaccines

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