Method of Testing the Degradation of Polymeric Biomaterials

TA model that mimics epithelialized tracheal luminal surface as it exists was earlier described in technology no. 5413. Using the said model, this invention studies the reaction kinetics of bio-degradable polymers (Poly (Glycolic) Acid) using “Time o f Flight (ToF) Secondary Ion Mass (SIMS) spectrometry”. The values are:

1) Static compositions as well as reaction products on the surfaces of materials during the degradation process are detected dynamically. 2) Reaction rates and other kinetics of bio-degrading polymers studied. 3) Information relating to the above shows how to better control the reaction process.

The invention is targeted at the market of controlled drug delivery systems, and to release proteins (and other biological entities) in any situation. These help study and treat better injuries of the trachea (due to intubation, chemicals, chemotherapy, etc), skin, cornea, intestine, etc.

Categories: Materials & Chemicals, Biomedical Engineering

Patents Issues: 6,670,190 6,864,090

Type of Offer: Licensing

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