Novel breakable crosslinkers and pH-responsive star-shaped and gel polymers

This invention describes a method for the preparation of novel crosslinkers and their application to star-shaped or branched polymers and polymer gels. The polymers can be easily changed to linear co-polymers and exhibit different properties in acid ic or basic media. These polymers and polymer gels may be useful for controlled drug delivery and release.

The crosslinkers are bifunctional monomers such as ethylene glycol di (1-methcryloyloxy) ethyl ether and ethylene glycol (1-acryloyloxy) et hyl ether. They are prepared through the addition reaction between alkyl glycol divinyl ether and (meth) acrylic acid. The crosslinkers possess special pH responses: they are stable in a basic environment and decomposable in an acidic environment. The new crosslinker possesses a special molecular structure and a remarkably breakable property. This crosslinker can be used to prepare polymers with similar properties and usefulness in drug delivery and release applications.

Categories: Materials & Chemicals, Biomedical Engineering Patents Issues: 6,323,360

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