High Throughput Spectro Fluorimetric Screen for Drug Binding to Human Serum Proteins

This invention describes an improved method for determining the binding properties of drugs to human serum (human serum albumin (HAS) and alpha-1 acid glycoprotein (AAG). It uses spectrofluorimetry and works by measuring the effect of the drug on the fluorescence spectra of the human serum. The result is that each bound drug has a different "quenching curve" on the intrinsic fluorescence of the human serum, a phenomenon useful for screening combinatorial libraries.

The invention offers a ntages over conventional techniques of dialysis and ultra-filtration. Besides eliminating the need for size selective membranes, the disclosed method also eliminates free and total drug concentration analysis, required in conventional methods. The procedure is rapid, requires small samples, and is amenable to automation. This approach will prove particularly useful in the case of highly hydrophobic drugs, where the other approaches cannot be used.

Categories: Screening, Biomedical Engineering Patents Issues: 6,468,757

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