Aminoacylation of Transfer RNA by Ribozymes (see also R-5610)

This invention is part of a set of novel processes for isolation, concentration and reprogramming of enabling catalysts in protein synthesizing biochemical reactions. These help synthesize in vitro targeted proteins (natural/artificial) with applicat ion dictated traits, through in vitro processes. Natural enzymes are incapable of catalyzing the synthesis of unnatural aminoacyl-tRNA, an important participant in protein synthesis. This invention describes a bi-functional ribozyme isolated that ena bles aminoacylation of tRNA in a pool. The ribozyme is the result of intense study towards preparing targeted proteins and has been carefully constructed to yield the following advantages:

a)It can be programmed to recognize an engineered (i.e. un natural) tRNA, as well as various unnatural amino acids. b)It can operate as a chemical matchmaker to join the two to create aminoacylated tRNA, an essential molecule to link the genetic code to amino acids, triggering protein synthesis.

This is the first artificial ribozyme that aims at generating novel proteins. Potential implications of this technology envelop research institutions and companies conducting experiments on cloning, recombinant technology, genetic research, protein research and more fundamental enquiries. Faster in vitro synthesis of a much larger number of proteins, protein derivatives and other peptides will mean answers to several questions in huge secondary markets of drugs and pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, envi ronment, forensic science, etc.

Categories: Research Tool, Genomics

Patents Issues: 1232285 7,001,723

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