Discovery of an Integrative Nuclear FGFR1 Signaling (INFS) pathway that controls neuronal growth and survival - development of new experimental model and treatments for the Parkinson Disease (PD).

As current animal models of Parkinson's Disease (PD) fail to simulate all of the pathogenic, histological, biochemical and clinical features of the disease, their value remains limited. Therefore, it is vital that models be developed both for a be tter understanding of the pathogenesis of PD and for discovering more effective pharmacotherapeutics to treat PD.

The inventor has discovered a new signal transduction pathway named Integrative Nuclear FGFR1 Signaling (INFS) through which diverse extracellular signals control gene programs for cellular growth, differentiation, and survival. To determine the role of the INFS Pathway in the survival of substantia nigra compacta (SNc) dopamine neurons, the inventor developed a model using an ef fective in vivo transfection protocol targeting a specific component of this pathway. Similar to the methods used in creating the current 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) model, the inventor’s model simply involves a unilateral injection into a rat from a standard breeding line.

Advantages of inventor’s PD animal model:
* Transfection protocol induces a genetic alteration for a specific signaling pathway rather than the toxic destruction of a targeted region of the brain
* A potential mech anism for the pathogenesis of PD: the INFS pathway is essential for the long-term survival of dopaminergic neurons
* A progressive degeneration of neurons similar to that observed in the brain of human PD patients: 70% reduction over four weeks.

* Identification of potential molecular targets within the INFS pathway that may lead to the discovery of novel therapeutics
* Does not require extensive investment of time and/or labor

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