Amino Functionalized ORMOSIL Nanoparticles As a Non-Viral Vector for Gene Delivery

The delivery of genetic material into living biological cells is currently done through several viral and non-viral techniques with their own unique sets of values and challenges. This invention describes a process to create surface amino-functionali zed ORMOSIL (organically modified silicate) nanoparticles for use as gene and DNA carriers to target cell sites. The unique values are:

a)ORMOSIL is a highly preferred choice for bio-matter delivery b)The process is simple, and reasonable on time and costs; it self-assembles the product in small sizes and small quantities of high quality and possesses no toxic or other adverse side effects c)Amino-functionalization allows secure, effective attachment of DNA strands (higher transfer efficien cy), and protects against environmental/other degradation. d)The carrier breaks down under mild acidic (5 to 5.5 pH) conditions. The product can be bio-modified and degraded to suit requirements. e)The product can be tailored for hydrophilic and hy drophobic drugs and can be extended to areas that require other payloads, i.e., dyes.

Tests on brain cells in mice in vitro and in vivo has yielded excellent results (selective transfection of the neurons). The technology has applications in medic ine (especially neuroscience, in view of current results), gene, drug and biomaterial delivery systems, antisense systems and research that employ simulating conditions and diseases.

Categories: Nanotechnology, Genomics

Type of Offer: Licensing

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