Region of Interest Micro-Angiography

In cerebro-vascular interventions, smaller and smaller catheters, guide wires, and interventional devices such as stents and coils are being used which are difficult to visualize with conventional imaging systems. The present invention provides a cha nge in the design paradigm for radiographic detectors to optimize imaging of a region of interest (ROI) for endovascular procedures.

This radiographic imaging apparatus and method for vascular interventions allows physicians to acquire very high r esolution radiographic images over a small ROI rather than over the full viewing field. The apparatus and associated method employs digital solid state x-ray image detectors for the medical imaging application of angiography. It is capable of provi ding immediate image display as well as mask image subtraction. Further, it can be attached to large area x-ray detectors in an arrangement that allows the ROI digital detector to be temporarily positioned over a region located by the standard large area imager.

The accuracy of procedures such as stent deployments, placement of embolic material or devices, and precise localization of pathologic features such as aneurysm necks, stenotic magnitude and asymmetries, and micro-angio-architecture of arterio-venous malformations may be improved using the proposed method.

The principal advantages of this technology include:

* Enables more targeted treatments
* Improved accuracy of the interventional procedure
* Increased safe ty
* Compatible with existing angiographic equipment
* Time and cost savings
* Ease of use

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