Group IV monolithic column

In present chromatography products, silica based and organic polymers are used to fabricate monolithic columns. While some of these stationary phases have pH and temperature limitations, zirconia offers superior pH and temperature characteristics. One company has commercialized zirconia based products but these are not monolithic. Monolithic structures have superior permeability requiring significantly lower pressure and shorter separation time compared to that of packed columns. Even with superior performance opportunities, no method for producing monolithic columns of hafnia, zirconia and other group IV elements have yet been discovered, until now.

The invention is an in-situ method of producing a hafnia or zirconia monolith. This offers manufacturing cost savings as well as all the process advantages of monolithic structures. Zirconia/hafnia have a pH stability range of 1-14, while silica or organic polymer particles have a corresponding range of 2-8.

Categories: Screening, Instrumentation

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