GFT NMR Spectroscopy

The minimal measurement time of an N dimensional FT NMR experiment is constrained by the need to sample N-1 indirect dimensions and may therefore exceed by far the time required to achieve workable signal-to-ratios.

This invention describes a no vel approach named "GFT NMR spectroscopy" for data acquisition and processing. In GFT NMR, the conventional sampling of a multidimensional subspace in the time domain is replaced by the joint sampling of the chemical shift evolution periods spa this subspace. The multidimensional FT of this subspace is replaced by the application of a so called "G-matrix" for phase-sensitive editing of the chemical shift multiplets, which arise from the joint sampling, followed by one-dimensional FT. sensitivity permits, even five or higher dimensional spectral information can be obtained within a few hours or less. Since chemical shifts are obtained by solving an over determined system of linear equations corresponding to the G-matrix, GFT NMR may also afford largely increased accuracy for the measurement of correlated shifts compared with FT NMR.

A key advantage of this technology is the ability to adjust investments for NMR instrument time against actual demands for detecting NMR si gnals while concomitantly obtaining a high digital resolution, in many cases exceeding that of conventional multidimensional FT NMR. For the first time, GFT NMR makes it feasible to acquire spectra that contain the information content of five, six o r even higher dimensional FT NMR experiments.

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