A new communications protocol for personal two-way radios

The Ramrod protocol is a new method for users of two-way radios to contact each other without the problem of finding an open channel or losing a signal. The FCC places strict restrictions on digital/data/non-voice communications in the FRS/GMRS bands which preclude traditional techniques for dealing with channel selection and contention issues. The Ramrod Protocol provides a decentralized automatic channel selection that ensures maximum utilization of physical channels and remains entirely within FCC rules. Under the Ramrod protocol, the probability of interference is approximately zero unless all 14 channels are in use simultaneously.

Potential Applications
• This new technology, which is easily applied to current portable radio systems, allows users in areas with significant two-way-radio activity to communicate easily and anonymously.

Inventor(s): David Carr and Dmitry Khabashesku

Type of Offer: Licensing

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