A Method for Measurement of Pipe Wall Thickness using Magnetic Flux Leakage Signals

The proposed technique uses magnetostatic Maxwell's equations to model the magnetic fields associated with the magnetizing device and the magnetized pipe. Given certain geometric and magnetic parameters of the magnetizing device and the pipe, the proposed technique yields reference plots of the simulated axial magnetic flux leakage (MFL) signal versus wall thickness. These reference plots can then be used to determine the wall thickness of pipe specimens from experimentally obtained axial MFL signals. The proposed technique is applicable to any kind of magnetizing device.

Advantages Existing methods use empirically obtained calibration curves for wall thickness measurement. This requires a calibration experiment to be run each time the physical device is sent out in the field. The proposed process eliminates the need for these calibration experiments, and saves time and money in the field.

Potential Applications This invention could be integrated in all MFL pipe inspection devices, robotic and non-robotics, to provide a novel way of assessing the wall thickness of pipes.

Inventor(s): Fathi Ghorbel

Type of Offer: Licensing

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