Modulation cancellation method (MOCAM) in modulation spectroscopy

Technology The invention is a new process to acquire analytical spectral data using two optical sources. It is based on balancing the optically excited response of the analyzed media for certain conditions. As a result, small deviations from these conditions (such as a chemical or isotopic composition of the medium) can be detected with high sensitivity.

Advantages The proposed technique will allow one to directly monitor the deviation of the spectroscopic parameters of the analyzed sample from the parameters of the reference sample. Existing techniques require calculation of such a small deviation as a difference of two large numbers. Consequently, MOCAM results in higher measurement accuracy or reaches the same accuracy levels as existing techniques that require more sophisticated equipment.

Potential Applications The first intended application of the invention is the isotopic composition characterization by means of Photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS). MOCAM is also envisioned to be used for detection of broadband absorbers using PAS. MOCAM can be applied for precise chemical composition monitoring of process gases in industry.

Inventor(s): Anatoliy Kosterev

Type of Offer: Licensing

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