Ultra low loss waveguide for broadband terahertz radiation

This invention is a device which transports terahertz radiation over long distances with much less attenuation than current technology allows. The device incorporates a new concept for guiding THz radiation, which exploits the properties of the lowest-order transverse electric mode of a parallel plate waveguide.

Advantages Because of the unique frequency-dependent loss characteristics of this mode, terahertz radiation can propagate for distances of kilometers rather than meters. The device allows for an attenuation that is only a factor of three higher than that of telecommunications grade optical wire, which more than 1000 times smaller than recently reported attenuation using a dielectric/metal waveguide.

Potential Applications THZ waves can be used to image an object and determine its chemical makeup. Because THz frequencies easily pass through clothing and packaging materials, this technology is being considered for security applications, such as detection of hidden weapons, illegal drugs, and explosives on people and in luggage.

Inventor(s): Rajind Mendis

Type of Offer: Licensing

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