Carbon/Ceramic Composite Electrodes for Charge Storage Units

The present invention relates to charge storage devices, such as electrochemica supercapacitors and lithium ion intercalation batteries, and the method of preparation thereof. In particular, the invention relates to carbon/ceramic composites produced by sol-gel technology wherein composites pretreated with a solvent and an electrolyte salt form an electrode for charge unit. This invention is specifically focused on obtaining a high active carbon surface area in order to optimize this process for charge storage applications. A technique has been developed for preparing carbon/ceramic composite electrodes with high active carbon surface area and excellent stability. The properties of the films formed from composites, such as polarity, adhesion to the substrates, and mechanical stability, can be tailored for specific applications. A further advantage is the stability up to high temperatures. Patent (Set) 6,019,803

US 6,019,803

Inventor(s): Searson, Peter

Type of Offer: Licensing

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