An Electrochemical Storage Cell Containing At Least One Electrode Formulated from a Fluorophenyl Thiophene Polymer

This present invention relates to a battery or a electrochemical storage cell, 'typically a secondary cell, containing as at least one electrode prepared fromat least one electrically conductive polymer. In charge storage, applications such as electrochemical secondary cells, electrode materials should be able to undergo multiple doping and undoping cycles with high utilization efficiency and chemical stability. In addition, the two electrode materials should have a high charge capacity and combine to exhibit a high cell voltage. This polymeric electrode have remarkably high charge capacities and excellent cycling efficiency. The provision of these polymeric electrode further permits the electrochemical storage cell to be substantially free of metal components, thereby improving handling of the storage cell and obviating safety and environmental concerns associated with alternative secondary battery technology. Patent (Set) 716318; 129676; 6,120,940; 5,733,683

US 5,733,683

Inventor(s): Searson, Peter

Type of Offer: Licensing

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