Multi-Band Image Analysis

Computation of contrast, which includes computation of gradient and zero-crossings, has been used in computer vision as one of the primary methods for extracting grayscale and color features. It seems plausible, therefore, that the correct way to compare versions of the same image in terms of feature information is through their contrast content. Contrast, however, is defined a priori only for grayscale images, so it is hard to readily compare multiband images amongst themselves or multiband images with grayscale images. The first step is thus to define contrast for a multiband image. This is achieved through the introduction of a differential form on the image, computed in terms of the spectral map and a metric defined on photometric space. This reduces to the standard notion of contrast in grayscale images. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) It should be noted that the solution to this problem has multiple applications. As a data compression algorithm, it provides a n:1 image compression ratio, while preserving edge feature information. In the biomedical field, one could use this algorithm to fuse data from different sensor modalities such as CAT, PET and MRI. For the remote sensing community, this algorithm provides a visualization tool for realizing the full edge information content in hyperspectral images, such as those obtained through satellite imaging. Such high-dimensional photometric data is not easily tractable by traditional methods; in this context this new method yields a useful data analysis tool. Patent (Set) 6,539,126

US 6,539,126

Inventor(s): Wolff, Lawrence

Type of Offer: Licensing

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