Web-based Timeline Presentation Builder (System and method for displaying multimedia and text components in an interactive, web-accessible timeline interface) (Copyright Only)

This invention allows individuals without multimedia development skills to create an interactive timeline for teaching or presentation purposes. This timeline can be published on the World Wide Web or displayed from a non-networked computer. The timeline consists of several parallel axes on which the designer can place data points with descriptive text and linked multimedia files - digital images, audio, and video. These parallel axes can be based in time, distance, or any other linear mode.

Description (Set)
There are three main components to this invention: . Configuration/Data Input utility . XML file that stores content . Display interfaces: Macromedia and Flash template The designer uses the Configuration/Data Input utility to customize both display interfaces. This utility is also used to enter the content (text and multimedia files) associated with each data point. Content can also be imported from a text file, database, or spreadsheet. The XML file stores the configuration settings and data point content shown in the display interface. The XML file is published from the Configuration/Data Input utility. The XML content populates the two display interfaces: the Flash and HTML templates. The Flash template provides a web-accessible template in which the content is displayed in an interactive, aesthetically-pleasing interface. This interface can be customized using the Configuration/Data Input utility. Configurable variables include fonts, colors, and titles. The HTML display template was designed for end-users who want to print the timeline or those who use computer adaptive technologies because of physical limitations. Because the HTML template is used for this purpose the only configurable variable is the title information.

Proposed Use (Set)
The final product is software that allows an individual with no multimedia development skills to customize an interactive timeline and populate the timeline with content that can be accessed over the web or on a non-networked computer. The commercial product uses an installer program to bundle the ConfigurationIData Input utility and the Flash and HTML display interfaces described in section l(c). The XML file is not included because it is generated automatically from the Configuration/Data Input utility. The installer software allows an individual to install the timeline builder software using a point and click wizard similar to any standard software installation. The installation loads the files into a separate computer file folder for easy access.

Inventor(s): (Set) Reese, Mike

Type of Offer: Licensing

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