Virtual Instrument & Permeability System

This camera-based system provides improved water permeability measurement over prior LED methods. Rather than tracking air bubbles by sensing light transmisson, this system uses a camera and virtual instrument to capture the bubble images. The software uses a pattern recognition algoriithm to identify the bubble and assigns a Y-Y coordinate location. At specified time intervals, the virtual instrument collects images from the contiuous input and identifies the new position. The program calculates the buble displacement over time and converts into a quantitative flux. The data are stored automatically in a spreadsheet and simultaneously displayed on the virtual instrument to display results in graphical form in real time. Proposed Use (Set) This technology enables quantitvative measurement of water permability in cell cultutre systems. The optical-based, computerized system has implications in the study of inflammation, infection, ischemia-reperfusion injury, and the design of drug delivery systems.

Inventor(s): Dull, Randolph

Type of Offer: Licensing

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