Method for Assessing Cardiac Contractility and Cardiovascular Interaction that may be Applied to Non-Invasive Clinical Practice

It has been found that E.sub.N (t.sub.N) curves are surprisingly similar among hearts, particularly during early contraction. Based on this observation, the present invention provides an arrangement (method and apparatus) for determining a good approximation of ESPVR using pressure, volume and timing data easily obtained from a single cardiac cycle. Our arrangement identifies both resting and acute changes in the ESPVR, is minimally sensitive to load, and yields a better estimate of directly measured relations than previously proposed techniques. Further, the present invention is adaptable to non-invasive analysis. As such, our invention makes it possible to more easily utilize ESPVR analysis in clinical medicine. The method has value not only for assessing acute and chronic changes in contractile function from therapeutic interventions, but also for predicting a patient's hemodynamic response to therapy.

Patent (Set) 6,090,047

US 6,090,047

Inventor(s): Kass, David

Type of Offer: Licensing

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