Identification of the Human Fast-1 Gene

In Xenopus embryos, a subset of transcriptional responses to the TGF-B family of ligands is mediated by the Xenopus forkhead activin signal transducer-1 (xFAST-1). We have now identified a human FAST-1 homolog (hFAST-1). Although significantly different in sequence from its Xenopus counterpart, hFAST-1 shared with xFAST-1 the ability to bind human Smad2 and activate an activin response element (ARE). The hFAST-1 dependent activation of ARE was completely dependent on endogenous Smad4, and was only observed following stimulation by a TGF-B like ligand in the presence of a functional receptor. Through screening with random oligonucleotides, the hFAST-1 protein was shown to bind to a noval DNA motif, TGT(G/T)(T/G)ATT, an exact copy of which was present within the ARE. This motif is likely to be critical for the activation of genes responsive to TGF-B family members. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) Target for cell growth control
Patent (Set) 6,225,441; 6,110,738;

US 6,225,441

Inventor(s): Vogelstein, Bert

Type of Offer: Licensing

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