Anti Qa-1 Monoclonal Antibodies

Dr. Soloski's laboratory has been interested for a number of years in the function of non-polymorphic class Ib molecules. For the last few years we have focused on the murine non-polymorphic molecule Qa-1b encoded by the gene H2-T23. The "b" superscript represents the particular allele of Qa-1 recognized and Qa-1b is the allele expressed in common inbred strains such as Balb/c and C57BL. This molecule can present peptides to alloreactive CTLs, may serve as novel antigen presentation for microbial epitopes and is a ligand for NK cells. Dr. Soloski's lab has developed two murine monoclonal antibodies (designated 6A8.6F10 and 4C2.4A7.5H11) that are specifically reactive with Qa-1b and we have extensively characterized them. They have all been subcloned at limiting dilution, isotyped (all IgG1), determined to be mycoplasma free and extensively characterized for specificity by immunoprecipiation and flow cytometry. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) This reagent would be of interest to the biomedical research community especially those researchers interested in immune function.

Inventor(s): Soloski, Mark J.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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