ATM Kinase Assay

The present invention relates to identification of the consensus sequence phosphorylated by ATM kinase. This, in turn, permitted identification of ATM kinase target proteins, and development of a convenient assay system for ATM kinase phosphorylation using fusion polypeptides as substrates. The assay system is adaptable to screening for ATM modulators, particularly inhibitors. In a specific embodiment, the substrate recognition sequence and mutagenized variants of this sequence were incorporated in a GST fusion protein and assayed for phosphorylation by ATM kinase. This assay system is useful in screening for ATM inhibitors. ATM function assays were validated using an ATM-kinase dead dominant-negative mutant. Patent (Set) 6,348,311; 6,387,640

US 6,348,311
US 6,387,640

Inventor(s): Kastan, Michael B.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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