Intraoperative Microsurgical Ultrasound Device

Featured is a device that provides a mechanism for imaging structure and/or tissue of a surgical site during and after performing a microsurgical procedure such as ophthalmic surgical procedures. Also featured are methods and systems related thereto. In the imaging method of the present invention using such a device includes positioning a high frequency ultrasonic signal transmitting and receiving apparatus imaging mechanism in close proximity to the area to be scanned/imaged (e.g., surgical site), so that the high frequency ultrasonic signal penetrates the tissue/structure of the surgical site being scanned. The reflected ultrasonic signals, are processed so as to yield high quality/high resolution images of the scanned tissue/structure. Further, the high resolution images are evaluated by the surgeon during the procedure to determine if the surgical approach should be adjusted. If such a determination is made, then the planned surgical approach is adjusted to accommodate for any conditions not accounted for in the initial planning.
Patent (Set) 6,676,607

US 6,676,607

Inventor(s): De Juan, Eugene

Type of Offer: Licensing

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