Method for Parallel Spatial Encoded Magnetic resonance Imaging

In a MR imaging system spins in a selected slice of the object are excited by RF excitation pulse and the signal is then received by an array of RF detectors. The phases of signals from multiple channels are uncorrelated and a Fourier-Hilbert Transform method analytically restores the phase coherence among the signals from different channels, preserving the spatial encoding information. For the phase coherent parallel, acquired data set, one dimension of the spatial frequencies is encoded by MRI frequency-encoding gradient and another dimension is encoded by a set of spatial harmonics, which can be projected to a set of sensitivity profiles of the detector array by an analytical transform. Applying Fourier transform to the data set can derive a MR image. Given current technical limitations, this method can only be implemented for low resolution imaging only. For high resolution imaging the combination of this method and the phase-encoding method can reduce imaging time several fold Patent (Set) 6,476,606; WO 01/40827

US 6,476,606

Inventor(s): Lee, Ray F

Type of Offer: Licensing

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