Transgastric Peritoneoscopy

A novel approach to diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in the peritoneal cavity is described. More specifically, a technique for accessing the peritoneal cavity via the wall of the digestive tract is provided so that examination of and/or a surgical procedure in the peritoneal cavity can be conducted via the wall of the digestive tract with the use of a flexible endoscope. As presently proposed, the technique is particularly adapted to transgastric peritoneoscopy. However, access in addition or in the alternative through the intestinal wall is contemplated and described as well. Transgastric and/or transintestinal peritoneoscopy will have an excellent cosmetic result as there are no incisions in the abdominal wall and no potential for visible post-surgical scars or hernias.

Inventor(s): Kalloo, Anthony N.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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