Simulator for cardiovascular Image Guided Therapy

An embedded and integrated system is disclosed for augmented reality based simulation of image-guided cardiovascular interventional therapeutic procedures for training, education and certification and patient specific pre-treatment planning. The system provides users with a training and pre-treatment planning system to manipulate and interface therapeutic devices with 2-D and 3-D reconstructed vascular images in real time in a manner similar to that encountered in a clinical procedure. Enhancements of this system provide a lifelike augmented reality based environment where interventional procedures are performed. Actual cardiovascular interventional radiology instruments including catheters, guidewires and therapeutic devices are inserted into a user interface module to achieve a high degree of realism. Finite element modeling is used to predict and characterize the interaction of the instruments with component parts the vascular system and other body tissues. The system provides the user with real time tactile feedback. Manipulation of the various imaging modalities is accomplished through a configurable touch screen system or configured to a simulated patient examination table top. A C-arm configured x-ray imaging system and ancillary equipment including a patient table, foot and hand activation switches, radiopaque contrast dye injectors, hand operated balloon inflation devices, and monitors displaying various simulated electrophysiological parameters can be part of the simulator environment. A network connector is provided for the purpose of remote demonstration and remote training. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The system could be sold as an independent product where physicians could use it at home or on the job to practice or train in basic cardiovascular hand-eye coordinated catheterization procedures. A comprehensive form system could be used by hospitals for training or a scaled down version could be used by physicians on a personal basis. The system could be licensed to a commercial imaging company interested in incorporating the technology into an integrated treatment oriented image guided therapy system. Catheter device manufacturers could use the system to provide sales and internal research and development groups with hands on experience using or evaluating catheters devices or other cardiovascular interventional products Patent (Set) WO 02/070980

Inventor(s): Anderson, James H.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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