Laser-based CT and MR Registration

A simple method for robot and precise instrument registration in computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging systems. The method uses the laser markers readily available on any CT or MR scanner. It does not require imaging thus eliminating radiation exposure in the CT case. Its accuracy is inherited from the laser positioning system. This approach does not require additional hardware, laser alignment being performed on scanners without flouo-CT capability. Unlike the manual approach, the method allows for performing oblique insertions, for which the skin entry point and the target are located in different slices. The systems was successfully used for five CT-guided biopsy and radio-frequency ablation procedures on the kidney and spine and a nephrostomy tube placement. Further investigation will explore its application to other organs and procedures. Through the use of a specialized algorithm and precise delivery mechanism, the method reduces physician's variability in performing CT-guided percutaneous access. Further applications of this technology to other radiological interventions are in progress.

Inventor(s): Stoianovici, Dan

Type of Offer: Licensing

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