Simultaneous DNA Sequencing Technique (SimulSeq) and Combined PCR/sequencing (AmpliSeq)

We report two novel methods for DNA sequencing. AmpliSeq permits combined PCR and cycle sequencing in a single reaction. This can be bi-directional (e.g. for mutation confirmation) or unidirectional. Full-length sequencing can be achieved. A second method, SimulSeq, permits simultaneous sequencing of multiple DNA targets. These can be independent genes or cDNAs or multiple regions within one gene or cDNA. Both technologies can be performed together to allow combined PCR and cycle sequencing of multiple DNA targets simultaneously. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) These methods permit substantially more efficient DNA sequencing for any purpose, including human genetics, tumor analysis, and microbiology, etc. AmpliSeq combines PCR and Sequencing into a single reaction thus replacing three separate steps: PCR, cleanup, sequencing. One can anticipate a substantial reduction in overall assay time, cost of reagents and technologist time. Simultaneous sequencing (SimulSeq) is ideal to detect multiple different mutations in a panel, different mutation hotspots in a single gene, or single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) panels. The majority of DNA sequencing applications is readily adapted to these technologies since they employ one of the common DNA sequencing platforms and relatively simple modifications of available reagents and protocols without the need for additional or unusual reagents, equipment or software.
Patent (Set) WO 03/056030

US 3,056,030

Inventor(s): Eshleman, James Richard

Type of Offer: Licensing

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