Use of Polymer-based Gene Delivery Systems for Molecular and Cellular Labeling, and pH Monitoring with MRI and MR Spectroscopy (MRS)

There is great interest in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents that are capable of visualizing small concentrations of molecular or cellular labels in vivo. The present invention relates to some existing polyamides (dendrimers, poly-lysine, and polyglutamate) that are extremely suitable for this when detecting them indirectly via proton-exchange-based saturation transfer to water. Fortuitously, these cationic polymers are also widely used as cellular gene delivery systems. These polyamides can therefore be applied to detect gene delivery into cells via proton saturation transfer in MRI/MRS protocols. Patent (Set) WO 03/049604

US 3,049,604

Inventor(s): Van Zijl, Peter

Type of Offer: Licensing

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