Combination device and solution for efficient removal of insect from the ear canal

Abstract (Set) Johns Hopkins University is seeking a licensee for a combination solution and device for efficient removal of insects from the ear canal. A JHU Emergency department study showed that insects were found in 85% of adults with ear foreign bodies. The hard outer shell and legs of an insect in the ear become wedged against the eardrum and walls of the ear canal. Struggling of the insect can damage the ear and is extremely painful for the individual. Current extraction methods involve suffocating the bug with a thick liquid and removal of the bug, often with a combination of instruments. The small working space of the ear canal inhibits visualization of the insect and hampers removal. During extraction, the hard shell of the insect scrapes the ear canal and causes tissue damage. There is a need for an improved method and specialized device to easily remove an insect from the ear while reducing pain and tissue trauma to the individual. JHU scientists have developed an innovative system that includes a dual action solution and a customized device that permits easier insect removal. Description (Set) The innovative dual-action solution contains an enzyme specific for an insect exoskeleton protein and a high concentration viscous painkiller. The enzyme breaks down the insect protein to soften the insect shell. The combination solution reduces pain while easing the removal of the softened insect from the ear. The innovative otoscope device includes an ear speculum adapted to accommodate specialized tweezers. The combination solution and device allows fast extraction of insects from the ear canal with less pain and damage than other methods now employed. Advantages ? Viscous analgesic solution eases pain and suffocates the insect to reduce damage from further insect movement. ? Specific enzyme solution softens the insect for easier removal and reduces damage to the ear canal and eardrum on extraction. ? Specialized device allows line-of-sight visualization of both the insect and extraction tools to permit fast, accurate insect extraction. Proposed Use (Set) Applications This technology could be commercialized as a kit for efficient removal of insects. This kit would be useful in emergency departments, urgent care facilities, schools and day care centers. The device could also be used to remove objects from the nose and sold separately as a standalone product.

Inventor(s): Sheele, Johnathan

Type of Offer: Licensing

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