A Nucleotide Factor Kappa-B Promoter Polymorphism is associated with Increased Risk for Ulcerative Colitis

We have been investigating genes that are associated with inflammatory bowel disease. Recently, we have identified a novel IBD risk polymorphism in a regulatory region of a gene that is associated with multiple different types of inflammatory diseases. This polymorphism increases risk for ulcerative colitis by 50%. DNA oligonucleotides from this polymorphic region bind to an uncharacterized nuclear protein. Interestingly, this uncharacterized protein binds to the wild type allele but does not bind the risk allele, and perhaps it is this specific binding that ultimately results in the differential risk for IBD. The identification of this polymorphism provides a novel risk factor for ulcerative colitis. It can be used as a genetic test to determine who is at greater risk for IBD, specifically UC. It may have roles in diagnostics, genetic counseling and for characterizing genotypes of cells that are studied for inflammatory pathways. This gene may also regulate risk for other inflammatory processes. Following a confidentiality agreement, we will be happy to further discuss our invention and explore potential business relationships. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) Diagnostic test for inflammatory bowel disease, specifically ulcerative colitis. Test for genetic counseling. Test for response to potential medications that are eventually found to interact with this gene. Test to genotype cells with this particular regulatory polymorphism prior to studying inflammatory pathways or other studies of the genes function. Utilize this test to characterize genetic risk for other inflammatory diseases.

Inventor(s): Brant, Steven R.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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