MRI Flex Circuit Catheter Imaging Coil

The invention is a long, narrow, thin flexible piece of printed wiring board that can fit into an 8 French cardiac catheter that acts as a shielded coil useful for picking up magnetic lines of flux in a noisy electric field environment. The coil is deployed as a flat piece of flexible wiring through a catheter than can be deployed as a small loop once inside the heart. The loop is designed to optimally receive the time dependent magnetic induction field stimulated by the RF pulse sequences generated during an MRI procedure for subsequent image processing. ?The invention has a unique low capacitance Faraday Shield design which facilitates a thin coil; ?The coil is extremely narrow for insertion into an 8 French catheter; ?The two serial capacitors improve electrical performance; ?The flex circuit design is inexpensive to manufacture ?A near match at the coil improves the signal to noise ratio; ?The deployable coil design can be used to tailor the loop to a particular application.

Inventor(s): Halperin, Henry R.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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