In Situ Microcosm Array for Environmental Monitoring and Bioprospecting

For the management of contaminated sites, the risk assessment of microorganisms introduced into natural environments, and the search for novel microorganisms/enzymes/compounds applicable to biotechnology, a monitoring tool and analysis strategy are disclosed allowing for the automated, rapid and simultaneous determination of the following parameters: (1) water quality and toxicity, (2) intrinsic bioremediation potential, (3) accelerated bioremediation potential following nutrient amendment, (4) effective bioaugmentation strategies for environmental cleanup, (5) turnover rates of natural compounds and environmental pollutants under natural and enhanced conditions, (6) DNA synthesis and protein expression, (7) growth/death rates and metabolic activity of native and introduced biological agents under natural and altered environmental conditions, (8) structure and dynamics of microbial communities indigenous to natural soil and water environments, (9) identity and activity of microorganisms of potential value for use in biotechnology. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The environmental monitoring tool and strategy could be sold as a license, product and/or service. The technology can be used to obtain in a one-step process a comprehensive assessment of contaminated waste sites based on which treatment strategies can be selected, implemented and then monitored, again using the new technology. The invention may be applied to assess the potential risk resulting from the release of pathogens and genetically engineered microorganisms into natural environments. In addition, it has potential value for discovering microorganisms, enzymes and natural products of relevance for the pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology sector. Patent (Set) WO 2004/081530

Inventor(s): Halden, Rolf

Type of Offer: Licensing

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