Using Wireless Electromyographic Data to Infer Hand Applied Forces

In an effort to quantify hand-applied forces without instrumentation of the object, we have developed a force measuring system that can wirelessly transmit force-related information to a data acquisition(DAQ) unit. This system includes using electromyography (EMG) measurements of forearm and other secondary muscle groups. EMG biopotentials from the muscle group, i.e. flexor carpi radialis, are transmitted via a wireless module to a receiver that integrates and rectifies the signal. These EMG readings are correlated to traction forces in the laboratory using a calibration system simulating the desired application. This is monitored by a data acquisition system, which displays real-time data from the EMG device. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) This system may be used in a variety of applications, including but not limited to child delivery. The primary goal of the system is to provide an effective and unobtrusive method of measuring hand-applied forces that the subject applies on an object. One of the primary environments it has been studied under is during baby deliveries. Obstetricians often have difficulty gauging the amount of traction they use in delivering babies. In an effort to help obstetricians assess how much traction they apply during the final stages of birth, this system quantifies clinician-applied force during delivery of newborns. This system utilizes electromyography (EMG) measurements to correlate the clinician�s traction forces during the delivery process. Patent (Set) WO 2004/098406

Inventor(s): Allen, Robert

Type of Offer: Licensing

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