A Novel Robotic Five-Dimensional Ultrasound System

The Johns Hopkins University seeks a partner to commercialize a novel robotic five-dimensional ultrasound system that incorporates four-dimensional ultrasound imaging (three spatial dimensions and time) with strain data in a unique volume-rendering pipeline to provide highly accurate ultrasound imaging with five degrees of freedom.

Click here to view high-quality marketing materials. Description (Set) • Utilizes new algorithms for ultrasound strain imaging to help identify the targeted lesion and surrounding critical structures and plan optimized therapy patterns.
• Utilizes elastography imaging to enhance segmentation and real-time volume rendering of ultrasound data to accommodate for possible motion artifact and organ deformation.
• Ensures that the planned therapeutic intervention has in fact been performed before the patient leaves the operating room (OR).
• A consistent tool for generating five-dimensional (5D) ultrasound (US) data to help monitor the delivered therapy, i.e. biopsy procedures based on isoechoic lesions appearance, or ablation procedure to a liver tumor. Patent (Set) 10/895,397 WO/2005/010711

Inventor(s): Boctor, Emad Moussa

Type of Offer: Licensing

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