A Novel, Robust Method for Ultrasound Probe Calibration

Abstract (Set) The Johns Hopkins University seeks a partner to commercialize a novel, robust method for calibration of an ultrasound probe. The technique relies on a unique closed-form solution that provides real-time quality assurance for two-dimensional and three-dimensional ultrasound data. By utilizing in-vivo recalibration, the technique provides intra-procedural quality control.

Click here to view high-quality marketing materials. Description (Set) • Discerns the unknown spatial transformation between image pixels and tracker coordinates in real-time, in-vivo while the patient is being scanned.
• Eliminates all constraints and difficulties from calibration errors by:
1. Utilizing a closed form mathematical framework that requires very few motions (typically two or more)
2. Minimizing image processing efforts (feature extraction) and the associated errors. 3. Simplifying phantom fabrication (and eliminating it in some cases)
• Recalibrates during procedures to continuously minimize errors.
• Provides in vivo feedback in real time, drastically improving quality assurance during surgical, intervention, and biopsy procedures. Proposed Use (Set) Ultrasound imaging Patent (Set) 11/578,071 WO/2005/099581

Inventor(s): Boctor, Emad Moussa

Type of Offer: Licensing

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