A New Ultrasound Imaging Method for Prostate Visualization

The Johns Hopkins University seeks a partner to commercialize a new method of ultrasound strain imaging for prostate therapies.

Click here to view high-quality marketing materials. Description (Set) • A major problem in prostatic interventions and therapies is localizing and tracking of the prostate gland, as well as anatomical details and foreign objects within.
• Prostate therapies typically guided with transrectal ultrasound (TRUS). TRUS has significant limitations in the following ways:
1. Tracking implanted therapeutic objects such as radioactive seeds is difficult. 2. Identifying anatomical details inside the prostate, such as the peripheral zone is not possible. 3. Tracking physiological changes, such as tissue coagulation during thermal therapy is not possible.
• Some prostate therapies, like external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) can be guided by transcutaneous trans-abdominal ultrasound (TAUS), but presents other issues:
1. The prostate is difficult to see with TAUS. 2. The prostate is known to shift significantly between EBRT treatments, so it needs to be re-localized in the beginning of every session. 3. This is a time-consuming process and a patient may receive as many as 40 sessions.

• Using ultrasound strain imaging (USSI) and a segmentation-based image registration process, visualization of the prostate is significantly enhanced.
• The USSI method allows for effective localization and tracking of the prostate, as well as important anatomical details and any foreign bodies contained within. Ultrasound imaging Patent (Set) 11/124,116 WO/2005/112772

Inventor(s): Boctor, Emad Moussa

Type of Offer: Licensing

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