A Highly Accurate Ultrasound-Guided Interstitial Intervention

The Johns Hopkins University seeks a partner to commercialize a new approach to dramatically increase the accuracy of image-guided intervention systems, with the use of interstitial ultrasound.

Click here for high-quality marketing materials. Description (Set) • Interstitial ultrasound (ISUS) is a minimally invasive tool that provides superior quality and details that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computer tomography (CT) might miss it.
• Anatomical motion artifact problems in image-guided intervention systems are a significant concern especially in abdominal applications. Motion artifacts (typically caused by breathing or the beating of the heart) make imaging and anatomical targeting and monitoring very difficult.
• ISUS eliminates anatomical motion artifacts, which makes the target anatomy appear stationary in ISUS images.
• To further increase image stability, the ISUS transducer may be gently anchored in the target tissue (similar to how stabilizer needles are anchored in prostate brachytherapy).
• The ISUS transducer may be tracked in three dimensions. 3D spatial tracking allows the position of surgical devices to be accurately related to the target anatomy.
• The ISUS probe can be rotated around its axis without changing the location of the tip and trajectory, which enables a 3D volume of the target anatomy to be accurately developed.
• ISUS provides highly accurate real-time guidance for planning, delivery, and monitoring of therapies. Proposed Use (Set) Ultrasound imaging Patent (Set) 11/124,117 WO/2005/117710

Inventor(s): Boctor, Emad Moussa

Type of Offer: Licensing

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