Point-of-care Mass Spectrometer

The invention is an apparatus for clinical diagnostics using a point-of-care approach to mass spectrometry technology to provide a single broad-based assessment of viral infection, HIV, and/or cancer. The approach records a survey mass spectrum that can be compared with patients' baseline data to determine changes in the patients to broader patient population databases, and to known antigens. In addition to initial diagnoses, the instrument and approach could be utilized in the assessment of disease progression and/or monitoring the response to clinical therapies. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) (1) Point-of-care mass spectrometer based upon miniaturization technology (2) High mass resolution/mass accuracy point-of-care mass spectrometer (3) Consumables: sample test, extraction and immunopurification strips Patent (Set) WO 2006/037059

Inventor(s): Cotter, Robert

Type of Offer: Licensing

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