A "Wireless" Scleral Search Coil for the Measurement of Eye Movements

The present invention improves upon the existing scleral search coil system by introducing a new ?wireless? contact lens. The new system uses a similar scleral contact lens on the eye but without the connecting wire leading to the amplifier system. Additionally, the transmitter/receiver coils are proximal to the eye, and the associated electronics are in a portable standalone package, allowing natural freedom of movement. A benefit of the new system is that it eliminates restrictions on head and body movements while obtaining high-fidelity three-dimensional eye-movement recordings. Background A popular method for measuring eye position is the scleral search coil system. This method is based on the magnetic induction of small coils embedded in a scleral contact lens adherent to the eye. The subject is placed within an oscillating magnetic field which induces current in the small coils. The current is transferred via a thin flexible wire extending from the lens to an amplifier. The magnitude of the signal from the amplifier is proportional to the sine of the angle between the coil and the magnetic field; this signal is used to measure eye position for vestibular, oculomotor, visual, and neurological purposes. The scleral search coil system is widely used due to high accuracy and wide bandwidth. Limitations of the system include motion artifacts from wire contact with the eyelids, discomfort, wire damage, and restricted head movements. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) This novel wireless system addresses the limitations of the existing commercial systems, allowing for a larger range of diagnostic and experimental assessments.

Inventor(s): Shelhamer, Mark J.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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