Modified Pipette Tips for Plasma Collection

Description (Set) Blood collection is a common technique used in a variety of capacities ranging from human to mouse. In all cases, blood coagulation during and after collection can be fairly problematic. Scientists at Johns Hopkins University have invented a modified pipette tip designed to inhibit or prevent coagulation during collection and/or transfer of blood and plasma. With this invention plasma can be easily used and transferred in downstream applications for measurements of lipids, proteins, RNA, and DNA. Measurements can be normalized to the volume collected, if desired. Proposed Use (Set) Currently, capillary systems have plasma collection volumes defined by their manufacturer. Mouse whole blood, collected through tail-vein puncture procedure using standard pipette tips, begins to coagulate as the user attempts to harvest the full desired volume. This invention would allow variable collection volumes from whole blood without the problems associated with coagulation.

Inventor(s): Diaz, Luis ,Kinzler, Kenneth,Rago, Carlo,Vogelstein, Bert

Type of Offer: Licensing

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