Fabrication and Application of a Prokaryotic Proteome Chip

from E. coli, and the use of the purified proteins in the fabrication of a proteomic chip. This invention also relates to various methods of using the proteomic chip to identify protein factors which mediate pathogen-host interactions, and to identify novel enzymatic activities associated with such proteins. Despite its status as a well characterized model organism, E. coli remains a major pathogen in humans on account of our incomplete understanding of microbial determinants contributing to its extraintestinal pathobgenicity. While the genome of E.coli has been fully sequenced, less than 50% of its representative genes have been characterized at the protein level. Given the availability of the entire genome sequence, proteomic approaches offer the prospect of a global understanding of gene functions in E. coli pathogenesis. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) Identification of protein factors which mediate pathogen-host interactions

Inventor(s): Zhu, Heng

Type of Offer: Licensing

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