Automated, Inexpensive, Liquid Delivery Device for the Robust, Reproducible, Efficient, Multiplexed and Gentle Processing of Affinity Matrices

Scientists at JHU have developed an inexpensive device for the automated delivery of unlimited solvent volume in a manner that provides constant, gentle, suspension of the column/support matrices (including affinity, ion exchange, reversed phase matrix, etc), without packing the matrix (e.g. beads) against the supporting filter or mechanically crushing them. The device allows for automated, highly reproducible and efficient processing of affinity matrices in a single and or multiplexed fashion. The device is amenable to virtually any type of spin filter or affinity matrices, independent of manufacturer. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) In the present prototype, the device allows for the co-processing of 1-8 samples at a time, but could be expanded to more samples in a more expensive device, which is dependent upon pump-type and interface between pump outlet and filter plate. The commercial product will focus on processing of samples for genomics and proteomics as well as biochemistry, cell biology and peptide synthesis.

Inventor(s): Van Eyk, Jennifer

Type of Offer: Licensing

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