Perspective Sculptures and Kits (24072)

A perspective sculpture appears as one object in one view and as another object in another view (See Fig. 1). Other views display nothing discernable.

Several commercial products can result. One such product can be a three-dimensional puzzle like the simple example shown in Fig. 2. When the blocks of the puzzle are properly assembled, the long face view shows “function,” the short face view shows “form,” but remaining views show nothing discernable.

The invention is both the perspective sculpture itself, as well as the methods to design and build a sculpture from a kit. So, another product can be a design kit, including (a) software to calculate how to configure objects for a given design, and (b) the objects used to assemble the sculpture (e.g. peg and board). Sculpture media can include both tangible objects and 3D graphic software. Such kits can be used by artists, as part of a game for educational purposes, or simply for fun. The below figures show additional embodiments of the perspective sculpture.

Referring to Fig. 1, it is an optical illusion that all segments of either word lie in a common plane. In fact, the segments that form the word “function” are the same segments that form the word “form.” To illustrate this point, let your eyes follow the top vertical stem of the letter “t” in the word “function” (the 5 th letter in that word), and you will see that it ends up in the letter “f” of the word “form” (the 1 st letter of that word). Perspective Sculptures are shown in greater detail at

Applications: Any number of commercial products can incorporate the invention. For instance, products can take the form of puzzles,toy kits, educational tools, artistic design software, sculptures in software media, and sculptures themselves (e.g. in key chains for commercial advertising).

State of Development: The inventor was commissioned to design and build a perspective sculpture for presentation at the ground-breaking ceremony of Northwestern University’s Ford Engineering Design Center building. That sculpture remains at the foot of the stairs of the Center to this day. The inventor also won second place in an art competition on campus. The perspective sculpture and its design methods have been refined and implemented in many forms. Northwestern University seeks a partner to commercialize this invention, and offers prototype demonstrations for prospective licensees. A patent application has been filed.

Inventor(s): Thomas Cohlmia

Type of Offer: Licensing

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