FOCUS Focalized Carrier Augmented Sensor (25015)

The invention is a novel avalanche-free single photon detector in the short infrared range that is suitable for ultra-sensitive high-density infrared imaging arrays. The pixel element is low voltage and operates at near room temperatures, does not depend on a large power supply/source, and has near zero excess noise. The ability to perform fast imaging with star light sensitive infrared photon counting arrays (PCAR) promotes a decisive advantage in many infrared imaging applications. This technology would enable very high quality infrared imaging cameras.


Single IR photon detection capability Compatible with the existing readout integrated circuit (ROIC) technology High Spatial Resolution - Can be arranged into extremely Large Pixel Arrays High Temporal Resolution - Low Voltage – no down time for any form of element recharging– no signal gating needed while active Gain-Bandwidth product approaching 1THz Minimal cooling of sensing element required Low Power Consumption Compact - Solid State Highly secure due to the absence of photon re-emission


Ideal for use for extreme darkness night vision, utilizing the light emitted from distant stars as a source. Excellent for infrared or thermal imaging, for battlefield/night time tactical maneuvers, weaponry guidance systems or tank/helicopter night vision surveillance and target acquisition systems. Also, ideal for industrial and residential thermal insulation leak detection. And potential advancement in biomedical imaging using highly sensitive IR detection.

Inventor(s): Hooman Mohseni

Type of Offer: Licensing

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