Digital Manipulation Device for Navigating Virtual Microscopy Slides

Abstract (Set) The invention is a device which translates the movement of a ?dummy? slide on the stage of a microscope by a pathologist into movement of the digital image on the screen. This allows for a pathologist to quickly scan and diagnose the patient in a manner which is consistent with the skill-set they have been taught previously. The invention also eliminates the constant ?drag-and-click? that is associated with currently manipulating digital images of slides. Description (Set) Proposed Use (Set) The key feature is the ability to move an image that is larger than the viewing monitor. This allows both an ease associated with mimicking movement learned previously as well as faster and easier analysis. The faster analysis can be utilized commercially for an increased number of consult slides which would increase revenue. Furthermore, the device can include buttons placed to manipulate the magnification of the microscope as well as the focus point. In addition, the device would be adjusted so that the sensitivity in movement would be associated with the magnification level. Finally, the movements of the pathologist would result in a smooth and controlled scanning of the viewing area instead of the current stepwise, jerky approach due to the mouse. This would allow for faster referencing and reduced reading errors by the pathologist.

Inventor(s): Halushka, Marc

Type of Offer: Licensing

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