Rotating Composter

My design uses forced aeration, combined with rotating for mixing, for complete aerobic decomposition without odor. We have built and sold over 50 of these in various sizes over the last 5 years, and I am ready to retire now and would like to sell the patent, or license in a long term deal. The Canadian patent rights are available also. The largest units built to date are 6 foot diameter and 24 foot long, but I have designed larger units, and also improved the design from what was patented. The advantage my system has over the competition, is that in 3-4 days food waste, sewage, and other organic sludges can be composted odor free, making it possible to have the facility in the middle of a city instead of in a remote location, reducing transportation costs.
The resulting compost, after curing, is a high grade organic fertilizer and soil amendment selling for up to $50 per yard. The tipping fee paid to the facility to take in the waste is generally $35-120 per ton, depending on the location. Every city in the country has sewage that they are having trouble getting rid of, and it is only getting worse. With the low operating costs associated with this technology, a good profit can be achieved, and the environment improved at the same time.

US 6,783,975   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

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