Data processing system and microprocessor for it.

This invention relates to the field of computer hardware and namely to various architectures of universal multiprocessor systems. The high-efficiency data of the data processing system of this invention is achieved by the following: each data processing device of this system has several address / data / control buses as well as a parallel-connected data transfer coprocessor; a local unit of input / output and storage devises is coupled to one bus, the other buses serving to group together the data processing devices through connection to the input / output and storage devices units. Each data processing device belongs to several groups; however, any couple of said devices belongs to at most one group, the quantity of such groups being equal or less to the quantity of the input / output and storage device units of said system. The quantity of buses connected to each device is equal to or less than the quantity of data processing devices pertaining to a given group of devices.
Besides represented example of the data processing device (microprocessor) for this system, which can be used and in the uniprocessing system and in systems with already known architectures.

US 1,999,030,245
RU 2,126,989

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