A Novel Mutation Involved in Obesity and Type II Diabetes

A mutation has been found in the Beta3-adrenergic receptor gene, which is associated with obesity and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (type II). The presence of the mutation indicates a susceptibility to obesity and earlier onset of diabetes. The initial genotyping was carried out in the Pima Indian population, known to have a very high prevalence of obesity and diabetes but has been extended to, and validated in Caucasians, Mexican Americans and African Americans. Persons harboring the mutation are shown to have increased weight, develop non-insulin dependent diabetes at a significantly earlier age than those without the mutation and have several features of Syndrome X (the insulin resistance syndrome) including hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, increased blood pressure and a central pattern obesity. Identifying individuals having the mutation will allow for earlier treatment of and delay the onset of diabetes.

US 5,766,851
US 5,877,283

Inventor(s): Shuldiner, Alan R. ,Roth, Jesse ,Silver, Kristi,Walston, Jeremy

Type of Offer: Licensing

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